After practicing self-taught amateur taxidermy thru books and magazines, Ben’s opportunity to join and work at the national museum of wildlife. In his native land (Persia) became a reality in 1994. The atmosphere and the tutelage provided by some of the more senior staff paved the way for Ben to acquire and develop his skills. In just one year, his passion, dedication, and his hard work doing birds alone earned him his wings to work as an instructor.

Upon his move to Canada in 2001, Ben has excelled even more in his work and has also learned the anatomy of the North American wildlife. Through field study and providing museum quality taxidermy to his clients throughout the country. When not in his shop or at home next to his family, Ben can be found in the fields around Lethbridge. Exercising the ancient sport of falconry with his personally trained birds of prey.

2017 National Taxidermy Competition